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Welcome to the Pocket Monsters Repository!
This little corner of the net is dedicated to providing various downloads related to Japanese Pokemon (Pocket Monsters). The main focus of the site is music from the many CDs released in Japan, though I also offer a number of videos as well. Just use the links off to the left to find what you want! =)

This site contains hundreds of MP3s (and other audio) and videos from the Pocket Monsters. These songs are very hard to find in America (as you have to get them on an imported CD), and few people have access to them. Me being a lover of JPop/JRock and Pokemon, the two just meshed together to me eventually collecting as many of the Japanese albums as I could. I don't own all the CDs, however I have spent the past several years searching out these songs to help complete my personal collection. Eventually the idea of creating a website with my collection on it popped up, and the Repository was started.

100% of this site is Audio, Video, and their respective Lyrics (though because of the many number of lyrics sites already on the net, I do not host them). Right now, I have 1320MB of Audio listed and 2.58GB of videos. Talk about a collection!! It's taken many years to build up this collection, and I hope that I can find more. If you have (or know of any) songs I don't have, I'd LOVE to hear from you!


March 08, 2008 -- ...While going through double-checking links today, I happened to look at my hit counter and noticed two things: this site has had almost 3/4 Million page views (yay!) and has been up for more than four years (woah!). Actually, if you also consider the old site hosted on Tripod, the Pokemon Repository will be 6 years old sometime around August (at least, that's as far back as the internet archive goes back for my site...)

While finding these things out, I brought up a graph of my pageviews since 2004. You can see the outage late last year from my lack of internet, as well as a few other times I had to bring down the site for more than a week at a time. The growth in traffic is pretty interesting as well. The huge increase around May 1 was 100% due to being (finally) listed by Google. Even though Yahoo now sends more people to this site than Google, both still make up a huge fraction of my traffic.

March 07, 2008 -- I finally have finished the process of fixing all the broken links that occured when I modified the folder structure. There are still probably a few that I missed, so please let me know.

I now have a "real" internet connection again (thank goodness) so speeds should be a little better. Unfortunatly its still not amazing, but what do expect for consumer-level internet?

October 29, 2007 -- The repository is alive. I'm not sure how long I can keep the server up and running, but for now I've finally got it back up.

A few months back my apartment complex kicked out the local ISP and started providing their own internet service. They block all ports, meaning that its impossible to run a webserver (or any server for that matter) without quite a bit of hacking around. Right now I have a VPN tunnel set up to my university (where no ports are blocked) and have re-mapped the domain to point to the IP address at the university's side of the tunnel. It works for now, and while I don't see anything in the university ToS against running a webserver via VPN, I'm certian it isn't smiled on. The local ISPs may be coming back in a few months, which will be great, and I can kill this hacked-around link. In the meantime, don't be surprised if the site runs slow since the VPN adds overhead, and my apartment's internet is usually oversaturated with bittorrent-happy college students.

The site has also been relocated to a new webserver. With my computer not having the best uptime in the world, I decided to move the site off of it and onto a spare machine I had sitting around serving up print jobs. Along with this move has come a restructructuring of the layout. Its still in the process of being converted, but in the meantime you can still access everything right here.

November 15, 2006 -- Four months without an update. That's what school will do to you!

I'm sure anybody who's been here before has noticed the extremely long downtime that this site just recovered from. This was due to a misconfiguration of my firewall, with the result that web traffic was no longer accepted. Since I've been busy with school I didn't notice for white a while after. The firewall is once again allowing traffic though so music is once again available.

Aside from the downtime, there have also been a number of updates to the site since July. They're all minor fixes of incorrect data, no new music unfortuantly :(. I've also been working on re-cataloging all the music I have so that it's not only easier for me to find when somebody makes requests, but hopefully also so that its easier to download entire albums (and eventually easier to integrate into a database). Most of the work is done for that, but I've still got to actually move all my music over and then update every link on the site. Hopefully I can get it done durring winter break...

Well, that about covers it. Again, sorry about the downtime -- I was so busy I hadn't noticed! Here's hoping for some good stuff come January 1 :)

July 4, 2006 -- I'm still alive! School recently ended for the year, and as much as I wanted to begin working again on the new site now work is taking up most of my time =( You just can't get ahead sometimes...

Many thanks to those who have sent me emails in the intervening time. I haven't replied back to anybody yet, but I have been working through all the problems mentioned and trying to get new content up. Unfortunatly I lost my list of what changes I've made (...I could have sworn it was on my flash drive...) but there hasn't been anythig major. The biggest change is that the entire "Mizu no Miyako no Mamorigami Latias to Latios" is now up on the site, and it's directory in newfiles will be going away soon. The other albums in newfiles should be slowly appearing on the site as well in the coming weeks.

As slow as progress comes on this site, I'm also hoping to eventually upgrade the entire thing again. The change from the (now aincient) site on Tripod was fairly large and a great help in making updates easier. Still, when every update is hand-editing of the HTML, it's quite time consuming. Just recently I've been working with ASP.NET and databases at my job, and have seen how it could apply to this site. It would significantly decrease the ammount of time it takes to update the site, making editing each page a thing of the past. The only problem? Apache (my webserver software) dosen't currently play nice with ASP.NET 2.0, which is the version that I would very much prefer to use. Until mod_mono or mod_aspdotnet are a bit more refined (or I pony up the money to move this site to a "real" webhost) it's not going to happen though...

March 8, 2006 -- Justin has provided me with the the entire "Mizu no Miyako no Mamorigami Latias to Latios Pika Pika Hoshi Sora Camp" album. This brings me REALLY close to having the complete collection of music up to 2003. Actually, I also just "discovered" another album released in 2003 (the Ruby/Sapphire soundtrack), so I've still got a bit more work to do before I can party =D Thankfully, I've found a site which seems to have it to download, so I'll be trying to get a few tracks in between cramming for my P-Chem finals.

Like with the last update, the files are available in my newfiles directory rather than up on their album page. If you want to try downloading the Ruby/Sapphire soundtrack yourself, check the info.txt file in the appropriate subdirectory -- it has the location of the site I found.

March 5, 2006 -- This really should have been posted two weeks ago, but I kinda forgot ^_^;; Thanks to Adamant and #pocketmonsters, I've managed to almost finish my collection of music up to 2003. All individual tracks I was missing have been uploaded, though the entire "Game Boy Pokemon no Sound ga Maurugoto Haitte, Asoberu CD" (man that's a mouthful!) is still sitting on my drive waiting for me to make a page for it. At nearly 200 tracks it'll likely take a bit of time for me to finish them.

In the mean time, you can get it (and the other songs I've been sitting on until I make pages for them) here. You can also double check my wanted page to see if I'm missing anything you may have.

February 18, 2006 -- TSS_Killer was kind enough to provide with higher quality versions of both Lapras Ni Notte and Minna de Arukou. Additionally, he also gave me a copy of the latest Advanced Generation ending -- Glory Day v.3. Uber thanks!! =)

January 8, 2006 -- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2005 was certainly a wild year, and I hope that 2006 is a great one as well :)

Also on the happy-vibe, the site is back up! I've been spending Christmas break away at my parents' house, and apparently my IP changed or something since Pokemon Repository became an utter black hole. I just returned home today to re-sync my IP and fix everything, and so the site is back after half a month of downtime. Unfortunatly I have no updates to show for it, but assuming I don't die from overwork this term (this is the first term I'll be taking only upper-division classes at UO), I may squeeze some interesting stuff in.

October 25, 2005 -- Thanks to fearow and trjessie579 from the Pokemon Community forums for providing a few more songs that I was missing :) I've just put up "Taiju to Nakamatachi", "Niji ga Umareta Hi (Karaoke)", and "Boku no Best Friend E (Karaoke)" up in their respective albums.

October 19, 2005 -- Back to the normal update pace it seems :D College has just started again, so updates are going to be fewer and further between (if you haven't already noticed ;)). That said, I've managed to squeeze in enough time between classes and homework to finish the 2003 album list. Thanks to many people for providing music (mainly Draelen agian :D) for the albums WAY before I actually had the pages up. It gave me some motivation to finish the list in a reasonable time frame.

Next up will obviously be the 2004 albums, though I wouldn't expect it any time soon. I have a number of of the songs for it already but editing the HTML and finding accurate album and ID3 info takes forever. Still, it's good to hope :)

Update: PPN just gave me the entire Polka O Dolka album (which I was largely missing), so now I have everything for 2003! W00t!!!

September 26, 2005 -- Yet more awesomeness provided via Draelen :) Today I just finished uploading the tracks and editing the page for "Celebi Toki o Koeta Deai". One of the songs happens to be a missing track on another album ("Ashita Tenki ni Shite Okure"), so I also have that album finished now as well. My wanted list (for the years up to 2003 anyway :D) is slowly dwindling down. I hope to soon have the entire "Mizu no Miyako no Mamorigami Latias to Latios Pika Pika Hoshi Sora Camp Musical Collection" (phew!) and "Pokemon Hikeru Ka Na?" albums up soon as well, again courtesy of Draelen.

Update: While attempting to add Hikerukana to my server, the thing ran out of disk space X.X Fortunatly, I'm also carrying around the entire OLD site, so while doing some dumpster diving before removing tracks from it I came across 320Kbps versions of "Roketto Dan Yo Eien Ni", "Lucky, Lucky", "Pokemon Master He No Michi", and "Umi" that for some reason never made it over to the new site. I guess running out of disk space isn't allways that terrible! :D

Update 2: Well, I was bored so I've managed to crank out putting up the Hikerukana album. All the tracks from it are up and ready for download!

September 25, 2005 -- Draelen has graciously provided me with the entire "Maboroshi Lugia Bakutan Original Music Collection" album. Originally I thought I was missing three songs from the album, but it turns out that several other were truncated (so I had incorrect versions up to download!). I've added and updated all the files, completing the album. As an added bonus, all the tracks from that album are now 256Kbps MP3s (they used to be 96Kbps), which is definatly nice for playing on a good sound system! Thanks Draelen!! [EDIT: Just noticed "Ware ha Collector" has a glitch in it, and have reverted it back to the original version.]

Also, this site just recently hit it's 100,000th hit!! :) I'm not exactly sure when (I'm going to have to check through the logs), but it's still an amazing milestone for the site. Thanks to all of you out there who have provided me with music to put up, as well as to those who enjoy all this music! :)

September 16, 2005 -- Again R!obodan has stepped in and given me yet more music for the site :) This time I've finished off the entire "Kesshou Tou no Teiou" movie album. Uber thanks to R!obodan again!!

September 13, 2005 -- One of the other albums that R!obodan offered me was the complete "Pocket Monsters Sound Anime Collection" CD (of which I had been missing most tracks). I had most of the songs up at the time of the last update, but hadn't finished polishing off track names and such. One thing you may notice is the bright-ish yellow I have to make chapter markings more visible on CDs that have them (such as Sound Anime). Feedback on the color would be appreciated since I'm no artist =D

September 8, 2005 -- "R!obodan" recently contacted me to provide the track "Motto Maemuki Roketto Dan (RE-MIX Ver.)" which I've uploaded. Also, he's graciously offered several albums that he has, though it's going to take some time before I get them all up (especially the newer ones -- I still have to make a list of the years 2003-2005 for this site =D).

September 3, 2005 -- A while back I downloaded as many of the Karaoke tracks I was missing from the Pokemon Music Network, which has a metric ton of them. Furthermore, I found a few full versions of songs that I was missing as well. I finally finished updating all my pages (as of a few minutes ago =D) so here's what's new:

There were also two fixes I made to the site. The first was a minor one -- the 2002 albums incorrectly displayed "2001" in the breadcrumb. The second was quite a goof though. The original source I found "Aratanaru Chikai" at called it just that, so I had assumed they were correct. It turns out that the song was actually the Acoustic version. After finding a copy of the karaoke version of Aratanaru Chikai and having them not match (the karaoke sounds just like the real one, not the acoustic), I was determined to Google for the original. Amazingly I found a copy at this Angelfire site. Furthermore they also had a higher quality version of the Acoustic version, so I replaced mine with that.

I've also been working on the album list for 2003, though it's taking a while to get all the information typed up. Hopefully I'll have it soon, but no guarentees. Also, I've created a "wanted" page where a list of all the songs I'm missing (and would really like :D) would go. I haven't had the time to update every page so that a button to it is included, but I should get around to it eventually. In the meantime, you can find my wanted list right here.

August 14, 2005 -- Yet more updates and additions to the site! =) Since the last update I've recieved two more very helpful e-mails, and have added their contributions to the site. Without further adieu, the updates:

From Sinistro From TSS_Killer

August 6, 2005 -- I just recieved an email from a visitor pointing out several glaring errors on my site. I've gone through and corrected them, but here's what they were:

Many thanks to him for pointing them out :)

July 12, 2005 -- Well, about a year after I expected it, the new version of the Repository is finally up and ready for action. Instead of wading through my one gigantic list of songs to find the particular one you were interested, now it's a fairly simple matter of going to the album the song is on, and then downloading it right from the page.

Two other neat things I've done with the site are the use of CSS, and validating all of my code. In the first case, CSS should allow the site to change appearance a lot easier, since I only need to modify a single file (instead of each and every page). Currently I have two CSS styles up -- if you look in the upper left box, you should see two links "Blue" and "Black". Clicking these will change the style to whatever one you selected (Blue is the default). Finally, the validated code should help ensure that this site looks equally well on ALL browsers, not just IE (though IE does seem to have a weird problem where the counter on the left causes the box it is in to momentarily expand on every page load X.X ... Stupid IE.).

The site is still not quite complete yet, but it's definatly "production" quality from what I can tell. If you happen to find any bugs with the site though, please let me know by e-mailing me (the link is to the left, though clicking here will do the trick as well).

Also, w00r for the 60,000th hit :)

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