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Utau Pokemon Zukan
Play Time: 12:56
Released: 12/10/1997
CD Number: TGDS-112

W Get Daze Champion Cover

Tracks (click title to download in MP3):
Normal Pokemon Part 1 Lyrics
Normal Pokemon Part 2 Lyrics
Mushi Pokemon Part 1 Lyrics
Mushi Pokemon Part 2 Lyrics

This CD has eluded many a Pocket Monsters fan seemingly forever. This CD is so rare in fact, that the picture you see on the right is the ONLY picture I've found on the net (thanks to Goid Coin Cat Pokemon!). This CD contains the infamous "Singing Encyclopedia"s which talk a little bit about the pokemon of each type listed. The music is good, but only the first track ever made it to another not-so-rare CD. This CD was given out durring Nintendo's 1997 Space World video game exhibition.

"Utau Pokemon Zukan - Normal Pokemon Part 1" (Singing Pokemon Encyclopedia - Normal Pokemon Part 1) you can find on the net with a bit of searching. This song appeared on the "Best Collection" CD, and so it's not too hard to find if you look. It mentions some of the Pokemon of the Normal type, and talks/sings a short cute description of the Pokemon.

"Utau Pokemon Zukan - Normal Pokemon Part 2" (Singing Pokemon Encyclopedia - Normal Pokemon part 2) finishes off the rest of the Normal Pokemon, in the same song type changing style as before. This song along with the two below are EXTREMELY RARE. I've been into Pocket Monsters music for at least 5 years and have never found a copy until just a short while ago. Definatly download wether you think you'll like it or not since it seems like NOBODY has it.

"Utau Pokemon Zukan - Mushi Pokemon Part 1" (Singing Pokemon Encyclopedia - Bug Pokemon Part 1) is just like the first two tracks, only it is now singing about the Bug type Pokemon. Like track number 2, this is also EXTREMELY RARE. I'd definatly download it just to know that you actually have found a copy =)

"Utau Pokemon Zukan - Mushi Pokemon Part 2" once again finishes off the Bug types in the same way. Extremely rare, yadda, yadda, you know the drill. Download or else =D

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