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Roketto Dan yo Eien ni

Play Time: 20:41
Released: 12/10/1997
CD Number: TGDS-110

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Tracks (click title to download in MP3):
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Roketto Dan yo Eien ni
Lucky Lucky
Nyasu no Uta
Roketto Dan yo Eien ni (Original Karaoke)
Nyasu no Uta (Original Karaoke)

YES! The very first Team Rocket CD made!!  For those who hate Team Twerp (to use an American term), this is the CD for you. This contains a few great songs sung by the members of Rocket Dan / Team Rocket. Definatly great downloads if you like the music =)

"Roketto Dan Yo Eien Ni" (Team Rocket Forever) has to be one of my favorite songs of all time. While not particulartly beautiful or anything, this song is upbeat and comedic, with team rocket steering the action. This song turned out great, and I reccomend it wholy. You can actually hear a short bit of this song in both the English and Japanese versions of the TV show in the Jigglypuff eposide. Boo ya!

"Lucky Lucky" (Lucky Lucky) is sung by Kojiro and makes continual use of Japan's love for puns. You really need translated lyrics to understand what's going on, which is why the lyrics link above dosen't point to AnimeLyrics. This song is utterly comical, and interesting to hear every once in a while.

"Nyasu No Uta" (Meowth's Song) can get on your nerves if you haven't been properly indoctronated into Nyasu's (Meowth's) voice. Once you get past the arguably bad singing voice, the song itself is really quite pretty, with the lyrics letting you glimpse deeper into the soul of Nyasu. Very intersting piece.

"Roketto Dan Yo Eien Ni Karaoke" is just the karaoke version of the normal song. Nothing special to say about it other than that it should be required for all true Rocket Dan (Team Rocket) lovers to be able to karaoke to it =D

"Nyasu no Uta Karaoke" is a karaoke version of Nyasu No Uta. Just don't try mimicing Nyasu's voice or it may never be the same again ;P

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