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Play Time: 18:48
Released: 3/25/1999
CD Number: ZMDP-156

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Type: Wild
Hey! Pikachu
Pokemon Sandwich
Raibaru! (Original Karaoke)

Raibaru! (Rival!) introduces us to the second season of Pocket Monsters. This CD starts out nice and fast with the season's awesome intro song. This is a great album except for Pokemon Sandwich IMO =D More crazy Suzukisan...

"Raibaru!" (Rival!) is one of my favorite openings for the show. My sister absolutely loves it, and I believe this is her second favorite of all the songs. It's fast, upbeat, happy, crazy, and just plain awesome. Download material definatly! "POKEMON BATORU!!!"

"Type: Wild!" (Type: Wild!) is another good song. This is the first ending to the second season, and is another good song. The first seven seconds are slow, but after that, I challange you to keep up with whoever is singing =D It's a fast and happy song, with mellow moments that are nice relief.

"Hey! Pikachu" (Hey! Pikachu!) is a song between Pikachu and Nyasu (Meowth). Now, like I've warned before, if the sound of Nyasu's singing makes your hairs stand on end, you might not want to get this one. However, it's still cute in a strange sorta way, and a good one to add to the Nyasu colleciton if you have one =D Now... If only I knew what was being sung....

"Pokemon Sandwich" (Pokemon Sandwich) is by Suzukisan, and yes, it's a weird one. While not nearly as bad as some of the ones they have, you can definatly tell it was done by them. Actually, I kinda like it in a strange way. It features the Suzukisan singers playing a game against each other where they have to name off different Pokemon without singing them again. Interesting to listen to =)

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