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Play Time: 10:08
Released: 2/2/2000
CD Number: ZMDP-1062

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TYPE:WILD (English Ver.)
TYPE:WILD(English Ver.)
OK! (Original Karaoke)

OK! Is the theme CD for season three. It's short, but farily upbeat. What songs there are aren't too bad, and the inclusion of a track in English is rather interesting.

"OK!" Is a nice upbeat piece of music. Every once in a while a singer will randomly shout "OK!", and it's kinda cool. I like how the song is put together, and it is definatly high on my favorites list. The intro that uses this song is pretty dang cool as well =)

"Type: Wild! English" is exactly the same as the Japanese version on the Raibaru! CD for season 2 except that this one is done in English. I don't think it's a translation of it (though I can't find any translations of the Japanese version to be sure). As far as the music goes, the music is still good, and the singer has no trace of a Japanese accent. However, it sounds a lot more americanized with the english singing. Not that that makes it bad, but it's kinda interesting.

"OK! Karaoke" Is just a karaoke version of the first track. Nothing too special about it other than that it's pretty nice karaoke material if you ask me =)

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