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Nyasu no Party

Play Time: 16:10
Released: 10/27/1999
CD Number: ZMDP-1027

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Tracks (click title to download in MP3):
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Nyasu no Party
Nyasu no Uta 2000
To*Itteru, Nya
Lyrics (translated)
Nyasu no Party (Original Karaoke)
Nyasu no Rant (Bonus Track) Lyrics

Nyasu No Party (Meowth's Party) is a cool CD IMO =) However, I should of course warn you before anybody goes into seizures that the lead singer on ALL of these songs is good ol' Nyasu (Meowth). If you can't stand his singing voice, this CD probably isn't for you =D

"Nyasu No Party" (Meowth's Party) sounds awesome, but the lyrics are kinda...odd... :D This is a good song to crank if you love Nyasu and nobody is within a 50 mile radius. It's absolutely cute and peppy and fun to listen to and sing with. The lyrics are a bit strange ("even the coffee cup is floating"!?!??) but kinda make sense in a convoluted sorta way.

"Nyasu No Uta 2000" (Meowth's Song 2000) is very similar to the original, but I like this version a lot better. Almost all the sound effects that were present in the first one are gone, leaving only Nyasu and his guitar. It's AWESOME. The song is very slow and relaxing, suitable for music to go to sleep with. Also, if you read the translation of the lyrics, you'll find that this song is rather deep, so it's an interesting song for Nyasu to be singing. Definatly download =)

"To Itteru, Nya" (So They Say, Nya) is a weird song IF you don't have the translated lyrics. For the longest time, I thought that Nyasu was asking several Pokemon things, but it turns out that it's really him listening in on several conversations between Pokemon and translating them for us. The song itself isn't anything amazing, though the idea is kinda cool =)

"Nyasu No Party Karaoke" (Meowth's Party Karaoke) is the karaoke version of the first track. As with other Nyasu songs, I'm not at fault if you kill your voice trying to mimic him =D

"Nyasu No Rant" (Meowth's Rant) is apparently Nyasu ranting about... Something =D I absolutely cannot find translated lyrcs or even just transliterated ones, so I haven't a clue what he's singing about. From the sounds of it though I'd guess it's about his CD since it's mentioned enough. Mabey I can con my sis out of her Japanese skillz to help me out ;)
By the way... Nyasu no Rant is aparently either not actually a part of this CD, or it's some kind of special track. Googling brings up only two sites, which is far from conclusive, and checking out pokemon.co.jp's discography (as well as the back cover image I have =D) shows that this CD dosen't have a 5th track. Definatly weird, so if somebody could shed some light, I'd be most appreciative =)

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