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Mezase Pokemon Master

Play Time: 21:04
Released: 6/28/1997
CD Number: TGDS-98

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Tracks (click title to download in MP3):
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Mezase Pokemon Master
Hyaku Go Juuichi
Pokemon Ierukana?
Oyasumi Boku no Pikachu
おやすみ ぼくのピカチュウ
Mezase Pokemon Master (Original Karaoke)

This is the very first CD that was released for Pocket Monsters. Some pretty basic stuff, but definatly a classic. This CD has the first intro and ending for the series, as well as two others that are a nice addition.

"Mezase Pokemon Master" (I'm Gonna Be a Pokemon Master) is a great song that you can't help but love if for nothing but that it's a classic. This is the opening song used for season 1, and is one of the better ones (though they're all pretty good). After listening to the rest of my collection, hearing this is really nice. Besides, knowing how to sing it after having it appear on my playlist so long is a great plus =D

"Hyakugojuuichi" (One Hundred Fifty-One) is the first ending song used in the first season. It's a happy song sung by Ookido-hakase (Prof. Oak), and the video used is really cute as well. Like Mezase, it's a classic.

"Pokemon Ierukana?" (Can You Name The Pokemon?) is a pretty good, though by no means the best. This song is the Japanese equivlant to the Pokerap used here in that it lists off all 151 Pokemon. Well, almost. At the very end they realize they've left one out, and ask you if you know which =)

"Oyasumi Boku no Pikachu" (Goodnight, My Pikachu) is a great song. As you can probably tell from the title, it's about Satoshi (Ash) and Pikachu. He's singing Pikachu a lulabye, and this has to be one of my favorite songs on this CD right next to Mezase. A great download IMHO.

"Mezase Pokemon Master Karaoke" is the sing-along version of the first track. Makes pretty nice background music, and you can try your luck at singing the piece if you feel like it. =)

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