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Maemuki Roketto Dan

Play Time: 8:53
Released: 7/20/2001
CD Number: ZMCP-1259

CD Front Cover

Tracks (click title to download in MP3):
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Maemuki Roketto Dan!
Maemuki Roketto Dan! (Original Karaoke)
Motto Maemuki Roketto Dan! (RE-MIX Ver.)
もっと前向きロケット団!(RE-MIX Ver.)

Maemuki Roketto Dan (Optimistic Rocket Gang) is probably an awesome album. I'm missing the second and third tracks, but the first is to die for. Team Rocket fans unite!

"Maemuki Roketto Dan" (Optimistic Rocket Gang) is one of my favorite songs by the imfamous Team Rocket. It's very upbeat, and you can't help but get all happy when hearing it. The lyrics are great as well (though I can't seem to find the translated copy I stumbled on a while ago) :D You just can't hate it!

"Maemuki Roketto Dan (Original Karaoke)" is the karaoke version of the first track. Great for rocking out to one awesome Team Rocket song! =)

"Motto Maemuki Roketto Dan (RE-MIX Ver.)" (More Optimistic Rocket Gang (RE-MIX Version)) has to be different from the first track, though how I am unsure. Again, since I don't have this, if anybody could point me in the right direction... =)

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