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Gekijouban Pocket Monster
Maboroshi Lugia Bakutan
Original Music Collection
「幻のポケモン ルギア爆誕」

Play Time: 33:36
Released: 9/15/1999
CD Number: ZMCP-1007

CD Front Cover

CD Front Cover

Tracks (click title to download in MP3):
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Gekijouban Pocket Monsters Title Theme
劇場版ポケットモンスター タイトルテーマ
Rival! (Full Size)
Jirarudan no Theme
Ware ha Collector
Furura no Fue
Hateshinai Sekai
Thunder Toujou!
Minna ga Itakara
Hoshi no Koudou
toi et moi (Straight Run)
toi et moi (Straight Run)

Maboroshi Lugia Bakutan Original Music Collection (The Phantom Pokemon: Lugia's Explosive Birth Original Music Collection) is the soundtrack for the movie of the same name (well, minus the "Original Music Collection" part ;)) -- better known in the US as "Revelation: Lugia" or "Pokemon The Movie 2000". This CD has a few good tracks on it, with those being sung to much better than the general background music IMHO (with exception of Furura no Fue).

"Gekijouban Pocket Monster Title Theme" (Pocket Monsters Title Theme -- Movie Version) is a take on the opening theme specifically for this movie. The movies share a common opening theme, though each is a little different. This has a flute thing going on at the very begining, which then turns into the standard theme.

"Rival! (Full Size)" This is the exact same as the song appearing on the album "Raibaru!" from what I can tell. In case you don't feel like going to that album to check out my review, basically I really like the song and would definatly reccomend it :)

Jirarudan no Theme (Jirarudan's Theme) is an interesting piece. It starts out with ominous set of "Aaaahs" and then builds on with percussion that sounds very industrial. More and more is tweaked with the song, but it never looses that ominous edge to it.

"Ware wa Collector" (I am a Collector) is a darkish theme with some pretty cool background music going on. It's not your normal Pokemon BGM on two counts -- firstly the darker tone you can hear, and secondly the singing that goes on. I'm not normally in the mood for this song, though by no means because I don't like it (I'm not normally listening to Pokemon music when I'm in a dark mood =D). Very cool theme indeed =)

"Furura no Fue" (Furura's Flute) you often hear througout the movie if I remember correctly. This is to the same tune as "Hateshinai Sekai" below, but is a lone flute which sounds like it's miles from anywhere. Short, but pretty.

"Hateshinai Sekai" (Endless World) is a track that is much more like the normal Pocket Monsters movie theme -- Light, easy going music which you can relax to. It gets annoying after several plays, but it's really nice as long as it isn't the only thing on your playlist ;) Like "Furura no Fue" above, very pretty.

"Thunder Toujou!" (Enter Thunder!) is another song with a darkish feeling. It's not great, but continues with the ominous sounds of other tracks like "Jirarudan no Theme".

"Minna ga Itakara" (Because You Were There) is another song that is more like what you're used to when hearing movie songs. Minna ga Itakara is another slow and pretty theme that I could fall asleep to. It's been too long since I've watched the movie, but it definatly sounds like an ending theme. I'd really like to find lyrics for this, so if anybody manages to stumble on some.... =)

"Dasshutsu!" (Escape!) appropriatly enough sounds like it comes from an escape or chase sequence. It's a light, quick symphonic song that dosen't remind me of the usual kind of escape music for Pokemon. A good theme though.

"Hoshi no Koudou" (Hearbeat of the Planet) is probably my favorite take on "Hateshinai Sekai". I had always assumed that I had a (nearly) full copy of this track, but was sorely mistaken after Draelen provided me with a copy of the entire CD. The begining starts out like "Furura no Fue" with just the flute melody, but then slowly grows into a full symphony. At just a hair over 4 minutes, this is DEFINATLY longer than the 20-odd second version I had before (prior to Sep. 25, 05)

"toi et moi Full Size" (You and Me Full Size) is "toi et moi" from the album of the same name, and so obviously has the same comments. In two words -- freaking awesome. (to use a few more, it's probably in my top 5 favs :))

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