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Gekijouban Pocket Monster Kesshou Tou no Teiou
Pichu to Pikachu Music Collection
劇場版ポケットモンスター 結晶塔の帝王
ピチューとピカチュウ ミュージックコレクション

Play Time: 36:07
Released: 7/8/2000
CD Number: ZMCP-1102

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Tracks (click title to download in MP3):
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Pichu Pika Swing
Himitsu Kichi no Theme
Tomodachi Kinenbi
OK! 2000
Anon no Theme
Entei no Theme
Mi no Theme~Utsukushiki Machi
Niji ga Umareta Hi
Pichu Pika Swing (Original Karaoke)
Tomodachi Kinenbi (Original Karaoke)
Niji ga Umareta Hi (Original Karaoke)

Kesshou Tou no Teiou Pichu to Pikachu Music Collection is the soundtrack to "Kesshou Tou no Teiou" (Pokemon 3: The Movie). Overall it's an extrordinarily "happy" CD, to the point that I actually cant' stand many of its songs...

"Fanfare" is the first of many tracks I don't have.

"Pichu Pika Swing" I assume is from the Pikachu short that appears at the begining of the movie. I don't really enjoy it a whole lot, I think because it's just way TOO happy. Upbeat and beaming, this song definatly reaks "happy vibes", which gets annoying fairly quickly. The backgound sounds don't help much either =D

"Himitsu Kichi no Theme" (Secret Base Theme) is another song that I don't have, so can't speak to what it's like.

"Tomodachi Kinenbi" (Friend Memorial Day) I found over at NPLU. It's an interesting song, and I think it's the third song on this CD that I like. It's got a solid beat some pretty good singing, and an interesting tune. Definatly cool =)

"OK! 2000" Is one of the three tracks that I have from this album that I really like. It's a remix of the original "OK!" theme, and I think is very well done. Not much is changed, with a guitar and some echo added. Also, my copy of "OK! 2000" is higher quality than "OK!", which definatly helps me like it more =D

"Anon no Theme" (Anon's Theme) is (I presume) the theme music for Anon [Unown]. It's the second track that I like, though not nearly as much as "OK! 2000". It's a very interesting piece, with both band and orchestral elements. Unfortunatly, it sems that I'm missing some of the end (perhaps only a little bit, though I can't be sure) =(.

"Entei no Theme" (Entei's Theme) is (again, I presume) the theme for Entei. I don't have it, though I'd be interested in what it sounds like based off of "Anon no Theme".

"Mi no Theme~Utsukushiki Machi" (Mi's Theme~???) is yet another of the songs I don't have...

"Niji ga Umareta Hi" (A Rainbow is Born) is the ending theme to the movie, and is pretty good except for the singing =D This song was later released on it's own CD, complete with a karaoke version (which I wish I had). If it didn't have the singing (or a different singing style perhaps), I'd probably rank it as one of the tracks I really like from this CD.

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