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Hitoribocchi Ja Nai

Play Time: ???
Released: 7/10/2002
CD Number: TOCT-4401

CD Front Cover

Tracks (click title to download in MP3):
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Hitoribocchi Ja Nai
Mezase Pokemon Master 2002
Hitoribocchi Ja Nai (Instrumental)
Mezase Pokemon Master 2002 (Instrumental)

Hitoribocchi Ja Nai is an album I have almost NO music to.

"Hitoribocchi Ja Nai" (????). Special thanks to NPLU for having this song up for download, since without it I'd have NO music for this album.

"Mezase Pokemon Master 2002" (Aim To Be a Pokemon Master 2002) is another remix of the classic Mezase Pokemon Master. I'm not a big fan of it, but that may be because I'm rather partial to the original :D The song seems really static-y for some reason, though I'm not sure wether this is because of the rip or just the way it is. Again, special thanks to NPLU for having the song up to download :)

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