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Boku No Best Friend E

Play Time: 12:19
Released: 2/7/2001
CD Number: ZMCP-1192

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Tracks (click title to download in MP3):
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Boku No Best Friend E
Boku No Best Friend E (Original Karaoke)
Boku No Best Friend E Piano
Boku No Best Friend E Music Box

While going through the pages today (1/8/05) to update them, I figured that I should see if I could find any of the songs I was missing. Up until now, I was missing this whole CD, but thanks to the NPLU I managed to find all the songs! I owe quite a bit of gratitude to them for uploading them so I could have them =)

That said, Boku no Best Friend E is the ending for the Mewtwo Returns TV special (as well as the 10th series ending song). The CD contains only versions of this song in it, and is quite well put together IMHO. Even before I knew what the song was, I really liked it. It fits the general musical format of some of the other movie songs I really like (like Kaze To Isshoni). The "Music Box" and "Piano" versions are especially cool to hear. They're like the remixes found for a few other songs, but instead of remixing, they simply change the instrument. This CD is really really awesome =)

"Boku no Best Friend E" (???) definatly ranks high on my list of favorite songs. It kinda reminds me of Kaze To Isshoni, and keeps to the high standard the music from the movies performs to. It is a slow and sweet song that you can just melt into it seems. It's well put together, and definatly is high on the list of their best composed songs.

"Boku No Best Friend E Karaoke" is the karaoke version of the title track.

"Boku No Best Friend E Piano" is the same as the first track (well, a shorter version) with a piano doing the music instead. The piano adds something that the first track couldn't capture IMHO, and certianly is a great "remix" if you could call it that.

"Boku No Best Friend E Music Box" is like the Piano verison, except played on a music box (you know, those things that you can find in jewlery boxes and the like that make the music?). The vocals are absent from this track, and the simple sweet melody from the music box lets you just sit back and relax. There's really no good way to describe it I like it so much... Definatly great stuff =)

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