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Ashita Tenki ni Shite Okure

Play Time: 9:12
Released: 7/18/2001
CD Number: AICT-1318

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Tracks (click title to download in MP3):
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Ashita Tenki ni Shite Okure
Ashita Tenki ni Shite Okure (Original Karaoke)

This album is a simple "pre-release" single of the song "Ashita Tenki ni Shite Okure" appearing on the album "Celebi Toki o Koeta Deai". There's not much to say about it other than that I like the song, so I obviously like the album! =D

"Ashita Tenki ni Shite Okure" (Tommorow Will be a Good Day) is a really nice relaxing song. I don't recognize the singer from any other Pocket Monsters songs, but whoever sings it does a good job. I can't really complain at all about this track :)

"Ashita Tenki ni Shite Okure (Original Karaoke)" is the karaoke version of the first track, and I think it's really pretty. Light instrumental, and piano action.

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