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Ano Oka wo Mezashite

Play Time: 9:24
Released: 7/10/2002
CD Number: YRCM-34004

CD Front Cover

Tracks (click title to download in MP3):
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Ano Oka wo Mezashite (Eiga Version)
Ano Oka wo Mezashite (Poke Pika Version)
Ano Oka wo Mezashite (Original Karaoke)

As with most of the later albums, total credit for the music goes to NPLU =)

"Ano Oka wo Mezashite (Eiga Version)" (Aim For the Top of the Hill (Movie Version)) is a countryish tune for the Latias and Latios Pikachu short. I'm not absolutely positive the song I have here is the movie version (since there is also the verison below) having never seen the movie, so if somebody knows for sure I'd be happy to know =) Overall not a horrible tune, though the country does grate on my brain a bit...

"Ano Oka wo Mezashite (Poke Pika Version)" (Aim For the Top of the Hill (Poke Pika Version)) is basically a remix of the first track. It dosen't seem that much different actually, though I haven't listened to it all that much. I can only take so much of this song before my head explodes. Thanks to Adamant on #pocketmonsters!

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