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So, you're adventerous to actually want to know about the Jigglypuff behind the scenes, me? OK, well I don't exactly know where this is going to go, so watch out ^_^

I'm 20 and an avid Pocket Monsters fan. I'm not really into the show anymore (used to be though) or the card game, but I really love its music. I was first exposed to Pokmon when I was in the 6th grade (1997). I started watching and liked what I saw. Pretty soon, I was slightly obsessed and my friends were kinda iffy about hanging out with me since I was so much into it :D

Well, years past and the popularity dwindled. I remember that my Freshman year, my friends were kinda scared that I STILL liked that "childeren's show". I don't really care what people think of me, so I brushed the comments aside and continued to attempt to watch when possible. By that time, I had gotten into downloading the Japanese music and learning about Pocket Monsters. It was really awesome and that's what brought me onto creating this website. My absolute love for Pocket Monsters.

Other than my obsession with Pocket Monsters, I am also a computer nerd, and spend much of my time (when not at school) tweaking with my computers and running SETI. I am a moderator at the www.Overclockers.com forums, and regularly help people out with their problems, as well as post a few of my own ^_^. My username there is "JigPu" (go figure :D) and my usual avatar can be seen right above the copyright notices on every page.

Currently, I'm a junior attending the University of Oregon, studying to become a CIS major. Depending on how crazy I am (and if the AP folks will get off their butts to transfer my credits) I may also attempt a minor in Chemistry. Hopefully by the time I get done there the computer market will be less saturated and more jobs in that field will be open. If not, I'm planning on opening a computer shop with some of my nerdy friends :D

Well, that's about it for me in a nutshell... I've got a picture of me posted up as a ShirtNinja cuz I'm not very photogenic IMO (contrary to what my family says...)

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Pocket Monsters Onegai!

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